Look complicated? It’s actually pretty simple, and can be built in < 2 days - View on Github

TL;DR: Try the free demo @ lockdrop.com today!

AWS Lambda now supports running on Graviton2 processors (arm64)

Driving progress through pricing

One area that’s always fascinated me about AWS is how they use pricing to drive positive action from their customers.

Sometimes an unfortunate reality.


(with On-Access Scanning)

But I thought Linux (and Macs) aren’t affected by Viruses?

Often people ask is Antivirus necessary on Linux systems? The answer is it really depends.

While it’s fresh…

Today, I wrote and passed the AWS Certified Security — Specialty exam (SCS-C01). While the experience is still fresh in my mind, I want to solidify my thoughts into a format that others can digest. …

Aaron Brighton

Cloud Architect (Advisor) | CISSP | AWS-SAP,DOP | AWS Community Builder

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