Look complicated? It’s actually pretty simple, and can be built in < 2 days - View on Github

In the Toronto area when the COVID-19 pandemic hit last year (spring 2020) one of the consequences (benefits?) was that all businesses where employees could reasonably work from home ended up being forced to do so.

This had an interesting effect on restaurants and the food service industry. In the…

AWS Lambda now supports running on Graviton2 processors (arm64)

Driving progress through pricing

One area that’s always fascinated me about AWS is how they use pricing to drive positive action from their customers.

Typically this is most apparent in how AWS incentivizes customers to adopt or migrate to the latest generation EC2 instance types. The value proposition for the customer is clear, for…

Aaron Brighton

Cloud Architect (Advisor) | CISSP | AWS-SAP,DOP | AWS Community Builder

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