We won! 2021 FIDO Developer Challenge: FIDO2 WebAuthn for Passwordless MFA on Amazon Cognito

Has on-board WiFi ever actually worked for anyone?

Solving the password problem with “passwordless”


What are some weaknesses of OTP over SMS/Email?

Possession-based factors

Knowledge-based factors

Biometric-based factors

Leveraging FIDO2 WebAuthn to implement multi-factor passwordless authentication

Security keys (roaming authenticators)

Mobile phones (platform authenticators)

Web service asks web app to authenticate user with an on-device platform authenticator or external security key potentially using Biometrics

The FIDO Developer Challenge

Implementing passwordless MFA using FIDO2/WebAuthn

FIDO2 WebAuthn terms

Lockdrop’s existing authentication system


Open-source FIDO2 Libraries (FIDO Servers)

Rough evaluation based on my own experience between the two libraries, YMMV

FIDO2 in Amazon Cognito using Custom Authentication Flows


What about Lockdrop’s implementation?

Using an Octatco EzFinger2 biometric enabled security key to register
Similarly authenticating with the same security key as part of the sign-in process
Authenticating on iPhone using a platform authenticator

Sponsors of the 2021 FIDO Developer Challenge

Octatco EzFinger2+, TrustKey G320H & G310H, non-biometric Yubikey 5 Series

Final thoughts




Cloud Infrastructure Architect @ AWS | CISSP | AWS-SAP,DOP

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Aaron Brighton

Aaron Brighton

Cloud Infrastructure Architect @ AWS | CISSP | AWS-SAP,DOP

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